Common causes of Memory Problems

communication and cognition Jan 23, 2023

The common Types of Memory Problems include

Age-related forgetfulness.

This may be considered as being part of normal aging and might include having trouble recalling names, dates, and recent occurrences. It is important to note however that individuals should be independent with use of strategies and require no supervision or guidance to maintain safety.

Medical Issues and Trauma

Short term memory loss may be as a result can be brought on by infection, deficiency, and trauma to the brain. Infections include infection including Urinary Tract Infection, Meningitis, Sepsis and Encephalopathy, deficiency of oxygen (Hypoxia) and water (dehydration), and trauma to the brain for example concussion, closed head and open head traumatic injury.

Neurological Disease

It may be challenging to recall past events or information due to long-term memory loss, which can be brought on by Alzheimer's disease or other types of dementia. Other neurological conditions that can cause memory problems include Parkinson’s disease, Strokes, and Multiple Sclerosis


People with difficulty in paying attention or focusing are likely to experience that it is challenging to take in and remember new information.


Confusion is a symptom of many different conditions, such as dehydration, infection, or adverse drug reactions. Confusion causes inability to attend to and organize thinking.

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