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Adult & Geriatric Speech Language Pathology Services


SLP Neuro care is a provider of Speech Language Pathology Consultation & Outpatient Services for Adults & Geriatrics.

Visits by Appointment Only.

Office location: 950 East State Hwy 114, Suite 160
Southlake, TX 76092

Phone: (817) 888-8721

Email: [email protected]

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SLP Neuro Care PLLC provides therapy to adults and geriatrics in these areas:

  •  Cognitive-Communication 




    -Executive function

    -Problem solving

  • Aphasia
  • Oral Motor/Speech Sound Disorders; Apraxia & Dysarthria
  •  Language Comprehension  and Expression

  •  Voice

  •  Training voice in the presence of prosthetics-tracheoesophageal prostheses (e.g. Passy-Muir Valve, TEP), artificial larynges, as well as voice amplifiers.

  •  Aural Rehabilitation; After acquired Hearing Loss

  • Social Communication
  •  Standardized Cognitive performance testing

  •  Compensatory strategies training to manage the performance of an activity (eg, managing time or schedules, initiating, organizing and sequencing tasks)

  •  Self-care/home management training (eg, activities of daily living and compensatory training, meal preparation, medicine management, safety procedures, safety, and instructions in use of assistive technology devices and/or adaptive equipment)

  •  Community/work reintegration training (eg, shopping, transportation, money management, avocational activities and/or work environment/modification analysis, work task analysis, use of assistive technology devices and/or adaptive equipment)

  •  Lymphedema Management for Head and Neck Cancer 

  • Stuttering & Cluttering
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